This is the Nashville chapter of the Anti-Racist Action Network. We will be posting reportbacks, information on local racists, and resources on this site for you to get involved with Anti Racist Action in the Nashville area, surrounding counties and regions.

We are a network of Anti-Racists in the south and mid-west, formed out of the ashes of previous ARA organizations by a new generation of dedicated anti-capitalist revolutionaries. We will do the hard work to keep our neighborhoods safe. We have no central leadership or hierarchy, and we encourage people who wish to form their own affinity groups to carry out actions under the banner of Anti-Racist Action to reach out and learn how to create a chapter in your city.

Our mission:

“Mass” organisation working to unite all workers in common class struggle. To confront and expose racist hate groups, institutions and individuals of all kinds that promote and uphold white supremacy and oppressive ideologies, including the police, the state and corporations. We do this in self defense from hate and from state sanctioned violence. We will use any means necessary.

To confront and expose racism in all its forms. Not only outside but within ourselves and our organizations. We resist purism and white liberalism/white feminism while embracing solidarity and support. To have unity we must have accountability.

To be revolutionary, working class accomplices and allies to non-white and marginalized people with the common goal of destroying the construct of whiteness, the system of capitalism and dismantling patriachy.

To directly confront and resist police violence and brutality, especially in Black and Brown communities. We believe the police and prison systems should be abolished.

We are non-sectarian, meaning we do not discriminate on ideological lines. We are Anarchists who believe in freedom and equality. All are welcome that are intersectional, anti-capitalist, and anti-racist.

We are everywhere, and we are watching. We will fight fascism and racism everywhere they go. We intend to win.

Expose. Confront. React!

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