Official statement from the ARA Network

Communiqe on the disruptive and harmful behavior of members of Great Lakes Antifa

Adopted and Published by the ARA Network 10 – 4 – 2017

The Anti-Racist Action Network has resolved to make public and clear that Jessica Nocero and Jennifer Gaddy are not trusted by us nor should they be trusted by anyone, anywhere, ever. Jessica and Jennifer are twins and claim to have a third non-twin sister named Stacey Barnes. Barnes is the maiden name of the twins, both of whom claim to be married. No actual photo of the third sister is known to exist, nor has anyone met her in person. Stacey Barnes, if she exists, also uses the screen name “Val Kyrie”, which should raise alarm bells.

Jessica Nocero and Jennifer Gaddy are a grave threat to the security of any group they join, and any action or coalition they are anywhere near. This is not a matter of personal dislike, or political differences. This is a matter of security. We can not say for certain if they are agents of the security state, fascist infiltrators, liberal infiltrators, or politically immature people on a power trip. We can say for certain that they are divisive, deceitful and dangerous.

We will not permit them to be in the same room as us and we will not work directly with anyone who works politically or shares information with them. This does not mean we will not be at the same actions, or refuse jail support, or solidarity. What this does mean is that they are never to be privy to our deliberations or councils and we suggest other groups adopt similar policy in the strongest terms.

They have lied to gain entry into multiple groups, offered resources and withdrawn them at critical moments, spread rumors, snitch jacketed other activists, and used their positions in groups to gain entry yet more groups.

Jessica and Jennifer began operating in antifascist circles in February of this year in Nashville, Cincinnati and Cleveland. They did this initially through a group called “Rebel HQ” which appears to have been created by them alone.

One of them joined our Nashville Chapter and one joined an Antifascist group in Cleveland. They each used their position in one group to vouch the other twin into the other group. The third “sister” attempted to join Cincinnati Anti-Racist Action using the other two twins as their vouch. No picture of this third sister, with or without the twins exists. No one has physically met Stacey Barnes and we strongly suspect she is a sock puppet of one of the other two. When confronted about the lack of proof of existence needed for a vouch she disappeared.

One of the twins entered the Nashville group with offers of intelligence and a “private” VPN to conduct communications through. Thus they began by attempting to have singular control of all incoming, outgoing and internal communications of all organizational business. This was a red flag.

In the run-up organizing for the large action in Pikeville, the Nashville group was offered free body armor and later weapons, as well as financing for travel. This all raised red flags. It was later determined that Jennifer Gaddy’s husband works as purchasing officer for the State of Tennessee. We suspect that this was an attempt to get people arrested with illegally transferred arms and stolen body armor on the eve of a major action.

At the same time, the other twin offered the Cleveland group financing for travel and a rental van.

When Gaddy was confronted about the body armor and weapons offer in Nashville, Nocero began spreading the rumor in Cleveland that the base camp for Pikeville was “no longer safe.” When asked how she knew, she responded that this information had come from Nashville ARA, which was not true. The Cleveland group was left stranded and scrambling for a ride the action with only a few hours to re-engineer their logistics. Nocero has disappeared.

Both Gaddy and Nocero claimed to be “victimized” by members of Columbus ARA who compiled information and compared stories between Nashville, Cleveland and Cincinnati in order to verify vouches and identities. When the twins realized that communication between groups and networks was happening not through “secret and private” servers that they alone controlled, the began a campaign of disinformation and snitch jacketing against the members of Nashville ARA that initially questioned the wisdom, truthfulness and sincerity of their actions and offers.

Nashville ARA is a chapter in good standing within our network and we have zero reason to believe that the various whispers of drug addiction, violence, and snitching that have recently appeared in the organizing lead up to Charlotte NC on December 28th have any merit whatsoever.

Our members have been accused of turning people over to the Department of Homeland Security in the wake of Charlottesville. The problem with this lie is that there have been no arrests, and there is zero proof. In tracing these allegations, we have seen zero written documentation. People have only “heard.” No organization, real or fictitious, responsible or disorganized, and no single person, has committed any allegations to print or email that we have even received a screenshot off.

Persons working with the twins have refused to provide screenshots of emails or texts even with names redacted. This is snitch jacketing. This is disruption.

We don’t know who these people are. We can not say for certain what their real identities or motivations or goals are. What we can say without hesitation is that they are deceitful, disruptive and we don’t want them around.

They are a danger to real organizing, They are a security risk to militants, and their offers of assistance disappear at critical moments in a cloud of lies. They are a clear danger to the antifascist movement and all people’s movements as a whole.

We will not work with them and we will not work with anyone who returns their phone calls. We will not work with groups in coalition with groups they are in.

In Solidarity,

The Anti-Racist Action Network

All Chapters Endorsing

Known alias:

Jennifer Gaddy aka Jennifer Ann, Jennifer Angeline, Fako Forge, Professor, Йессица Ренее

Jessica Nocero aka Jessica Collett, Jessica Marie, Jessica Jean, Oracle, Ora Giovanni, Fallon

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