This is a signal boost for the Čančuba collective in their efforts to provide mutual aid to peoples defending their land and communities from the construction of the Bayou Bridge Pipeline. These are their words and their stories. Please share, contribute anything you can and encourage others to contribute as well! When sharing,please share directly the links below to the the youcaring fundraiser and

In an effort to boost awareness and counter algorithms that often target and silence movements, especially those of water protectors and activists of marginalized and indigenous communities we are publishing this here and encourage others to do the same! Share this, the links below, create your own and share far and wide! Strength in numbers! We will be posting these links as well on our social media sites.

In Solidarity

Anti-Racist Action


No Bayou Bridge Pipeline Solidarity Fundraiser -Čančuba Collective

The Bayou Bridge Pipeline (BBP) – one of the last legs of the oil pipeline that includes the Dakota Access – would have disastrous impacts on the communities it crosses both in Southern Louisiana and further north along its route from North Dakota. Along its 162 mile route, the BBP would cut a gash through the Atchafalaya Basin and Chata Houma Chittimacha Atakapaw territory, endangering livelihoods and human and nonhuman habitats alike in the name of fossil fuel extraction.

On the basis of mutual aid, we are raising solidarity funds from what is now New York City in Lenapehoking to support those working to block construction of the BBP. These funds go directly to those organizing out of the Čančuba collective against the colonization of sacred land.

For more information about Čančuba:
For printable anti-BBP resources:


Join the fight to protect our water.

Here in the bayous of Louisiana, our water and way of life is under threat, and we need your support.

Energy Transfer Partners (ETP), the very same company behind the notorious Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) , is trying to build a 162 mile crude oil pipeline across Louisiana called the Bayou Bridge Pipeline (BBP).

BBP will pollute our water,crossing an astounding 700 bodies of water including Bayou LaFourche, a critical reservoir that supplies the United Houma Nation and 300,000 Louisiana residents with clean, safe drinking water.

BBP violates indigenous sovereignty.Along its path of destruction, BBP would impact sacred mounds and threaten drinking water of the United Houma Nation, a tribe that has been seeking federal recognition for decades. Neither the United Houma Nation nor any tribe of the gulf south has been consulted nor given consent for the construction of this pipeline.

BBP will destroy our coast.Wetlands are sponges for floodwaters. The BBP will destroy 150 acres of wetlands in its path and will “temporarily” impact 450 more acres. Wetlands are vital to a resilient Southern Louisiana, and already because of climate change and development, Louisiana is losing an average of one acre of coastal wetlands per hour. The State of Luisiana is frantically trying to figure out how to save our coast, but building the BBP will make the situation worse.

BBP will destroy our economy.Existing oil pipelines have already created enormous problems for our crawfishing industry. BBP will only make these problems worse, creating dams in the Atchafalaya Basin dozens of miles long that irreparably damage the ecosystem and make fishing for crawfish impossible. The crawfishing industry supports thousands of good jobs in Louisiana. BBP will only create 12 permanent jobs.

BBP will increase flooding. The loss of wetlands also means increased flooding. When flooding is worse, our communities suffer. Our homes our damaged, our crops are destroyed, our infrastructure is eroded, our families get sick, and our economy is harmed.

BBP is a climate disaster. It will create the carbon equivalent of 30 new coal plants. The BBP is not compatible with our global mandate to limit climate change to 1.5℃. Our growing network of impacted landowners, tribal members, environmental justice communities, and fisherfolk have submitted comments, spoken out at hearings, and demanded proper environmental reviews and that our concerns will be taken seriously. None of this has happened. ETP has swindled landowners, bought our politicians, and refused to address any of the community’s needs. Enough is enough.

If our leaders won’t stand up to stop this pipeline and protect our water, then we the people of Louisiana will. We are building the L’eau Est La Vie camp to protect our water and our way of life from the Bayou Bridge pipeline.

Čančuba Collective Fundraiser

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