Anti-fascism is self defense

Kyle Bristow, white nationalist, anti-semite: founder of Foundation for the Marketplace of Ideas (FMI), who resigned today via


White supremacy, white separatism, segregation, genocide and oppression is their ideology.

The ripple of ultra right wing, white nationalist politics has turned into a wave of organized extremism that is beginning to have a direct impact and influence on the policy and language of American law.

This rebranding of nazism by “conservatives” such as Richard Spencer, Kyle Bristow, Jared Taylor, Matthew Heimbach and many others is being given both a national and international platform in which the white nationalist, neo nazi agenda can be steamrolled into the mainstream virtually unopposed by any branch of government.

While their brand of conservatism isn’t outright endorsed by the Trump administration, and many in the alt-right have publicly denounced Trump, the alt-right continues to enjoy campus accommodations and police protection all across the United States. Even when they reenact Ku Klux Klan style torch marches while chanting nazi slogans and anti-semitic rhetoric, or firing guns and plowing cars into crowds of protesters. Or killing 17 people in a high school shooting.

Anti-racist are targeted by police and the federal government for opposing white supremacist violence: We don’t rely on the cops or courts

Richard Spencer has made his name in America, but he is struggling to maintain his public image and appearances, suing universities if they do not honor his requests to speak. Matthew Heimbach, who is trying to change his reputation as a Bible thumping nazi LARP-er is beginning to employ a similar tactic (which we saw at his recent speech at UT Knoxville). Now is the time to increase the pressure, by any means necessary.

Jared Taylor has been a champion for white nationalist policy for decades. He has taken advantage of state laws which provide him un-hindered access to a state park in Tennessee to hold his yearly American Renaissance Conference (AmRen), where the implementation of laws and lifestyles that promote white nationalism are discussed, among other racist policies and practices. Richard Spencer is a frequent attendee and speaker at there. The next AmRen is scheduled for April, 2018 at Montgmery Bell State Park in Tennessee.

Richard Spencer (left), Jared Taylor (center) at the AmRen conference in 2015

Kyle Bristow is the young face behind the curtain putting the wheels in motion for alt-right leaders and prominent faces to succeed. We can clearly see their influence in American politics and laws. Earlier today, Bristow posted his resignation from FMI and politics, stating that he would not be attending his own conference this weekend in Michigan.

If there is one thing we can say for certain, it is that the alt-right practice deception and use propaganda as a means to fuel controversy and promote racist ideology. We’ll be keeping our eyes on Kyle.

As for this weekend in Detroit, fascists and neo nazis will be gathering again. Richard Spencer and Matthew Heimbach will be among them. They have kept the location for the conference a secret. Their ability to organize in public is being challenged by anti-fascists at every turn.

We Go Where They Go


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