I call myself alt-right but I’m definitely a white nationalist. I’m pro white before I’m anything else. My people most definitely come before my political leanings, 100 percent. I wasn’t always that way, I used to be a nice little blue pilled sheep, but I was never a liberal, I always considered myself republican but I was never really involved in politics at all.

-Maigann Hutchins, of the recently disbanded Traditionalist Workers Party (full audio of the interview below)

Optics vs. Reality

This is where we’re at. It’s been 4 days since #StopSpencer went down at Michigan State University, and the optics debate is rolling along among the ranks of the alt-right/white nationalist movements. Anarchists just call them what they are; nazis. The liberal left, centrists, pacifists and conservative right commonly respond with “you can’t call everyone you disagree with a nazi!”. If it talks like a nazi, and calls itself a nazi, it’s a nazi.

The problem with Liberals and Centrists (especially the white majority) is that they don’t bother to look beneath the surface of the facade that is the face of the “alt-right” movement, because they aren’t directly affected by racism and bigotry. White feminism isn’t intersectional so it cannot grasp the depth of hate within the hard right. This is why the optics debate happening on the far right is so important to pay attention to. It will give us the tools we need to adapt our tactics, and beat them at their own game.

So, when an average small town girl uses average charm and persona in public appearance and tact, it’s easy for that person to use an all American image as a facade to cover who they really are, and what they do in the world they live in. What others choose to ignore, it is our duty to expose.

Meet Maigann Hutchins (and her Twitter account “M” @ShariaLawlz below)


She and many others like her who are involved in the white nationalist movement are working to re-brand nazism as patriotism and self preservation. They claim to be fighting against multiculturalism and “white genocide”, misconstruing facts and statistics to create a narrative that white people are under attack. It’s not white skin that is being challenged, rather the concept of whiteness as a powerful social construction with very real, tangible, violent effects. There is a constant effort to maintain that social construct and keep its privilege unchecked. In the alt-right they call it red-pilling.


We have a responsibility to protect our communities from hate. Even more so when we can identify a threat and act on it.




What we are seeing and experiencing since the re-emergence of neo-nazis and racist hate groups into the mainstream is that if unchecked, they gain momentum and feel safe to promote hate in their personal and professional lives. When we fight back, we are effective. We can beat them in the streets, we can deplatform them, we can drive them out. If you see something, do something.

This year has been a bad one for the Traditionalist Workers Party. In April of last year they were humiliated when they tried to step into Appalachia. In Charlottsville they were overwhelmingly defeated. In Shelbyville and Murfreesboro they were drowned out and left without finishing their rally, afraid of what was awaiting them. In Knoxville they were chased out of town and left exposed. In Detroit, they were crushed, beaten, and demoralized. Yesterday the TWP officially disbanded and their members are scattering to pick up the pieces, or find new homes. We still have work to do. They still have jobs in our communities, and we can be sure the same faces will show up flying different flags. In the meantime, make it as hard as possible for them to be a nazi. Don’t be afraid to speak up.


National Council of State Boards of Nursing – File A Complaint

Maigann Hutchins, Kingston, Tennessee –

Call around. Do some digging. If you’ve been affected, file a complaint.

It is your right to fight back against discrimination and hate.


*** Credit for twitter images and audio clip to http://luketurner.com/Joseph_and_Maigann_Hutchins/ ** ** Visit this link for more information on these East Tennessee nazis ***

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