Jared Taylor, white supremacist founder and editor of American Renaissance

This list contains links and information about some of the white supremacists who will be speaking at the American Renaissance Conference on April 28th, 2018.

#DefendMiddleTN #NoNazisInTN #NoPlatformForFascists

AmRen 2017 : Idavox

AmRen 2016: It’s Going Down

Marcus Follin


The humbly named ‘Golden One’ (real name, Marcus Follin) is a Swedish neo-fascist who runs a motivational YouTube channel. Follin preaches to his 54,000 followers on topics like: How the sexual revolution ruined women, ‘The Jewish Question’, and of course, how abstaining from masturbation is a physical and moral imperative. Follin claims that porn is a sort of opium meant to keep the men of Europe listless and disempowered, a poison, or spell cast by an evil wizard (he says wizard, but he means Jews). Read more

Adrian Davies


Davies was formerly an executive council member of the Conservative Monday Club, an executive committee member of Tory Action and secretary of the London Swinton Circle. In August 1983, he was prominent amongst those attending a Swinton Circle meeting with Ivor Benson as speaker which was held in Conservative Party headquarters. Later he was also a co-founder of the short-lived and tiny Bloomsbury Forum with Jonathan Bowden. He addressed a fringe meeting of the Conservative Democratic Alliance at the Conservative Party Conference in October 2002. In October 2014 he was one of the speakers at the Traditional Britain Group conference in central London. He unsuccessfully represented the British Holocaust denierDavid Irving at the Court of Appeal in 2001 after Irving had lost a libel action against Deborah Lipstadt and Penguin Books.

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Nick Fuentes

images (1)


Fuentes has described himself as a ”paleoconservative.” He has been frequently described as a ”white nationalist” or ”white supremacist” by various media outlets, such as the Boston Globe. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, Fuentes was one of many racists and anti-LGBT leaders of the alt-right attending CPAC 2018. Fuentes is also scheduled to speak at the upcoming American Renaissance conference, which was founded by white nationalist Jared Taylor. Fuentes also believes in the theory of white genocide and is critical of demographic change within the United States. Despite previous claims, he rejects charges he is far-right and alt-right, instead stating his primary concern is political correctness and multiculturalism. Read More


Simon Roche


Simon is the the leader of white supremacist group Suidlanders.

A group of American Suidlanders supporters welcomed Roche for a six-month “awareness campaign” in the U.S. in 2017 (during which he also spoke with Mike Cernovich and Swedish white nationalist radio host Henrik Palmgren). In a speech to the group, Roche claimed his group is “at the heart” of a “global nationalist forum” planned for August 2018. In his interview with Palmgrem, Roche said he has been contacted by groups in countries around the world that are interested in Suidlanders’ work, naming Sweden in particular. And since his tour, Roche has appeared on Alex Jones’ conspiracy theory outlet InfoWars on at least threeoccasions, including as recently as last week.

Another of Southern’s videos features Dan Roodt, the founder of a group that fights “for the rights of Afrikaners and other … people of European descent in South Africa” and co-founder and former deputy leader of the National Front, a white separatist party in South Africa. Read More

It’s Going Down reported on this campaign here

Serge Trifkovic


In recent days, Serge (a.k.a. Srdja) Trifkovic has gained much notoriety among Muslim-haters through his slanderous and poisonous writings against Muslims. His book “The sword of the Prophet” is similar to many such post-Cold War era books that are written to keep alive the perceived “threat” of Islam before our eyes, while guaranteeing themselves profitable fees, consultancies, recurrent appearances in TV and lucrative book contracts. To these bunch of bigoted, eavesdropping, lying and self-promoting journalists, in these days, esp. after 9/11, there is no better and easier way to draw attention and sell books than to demean and dehumanize Muslims and Islam.

I think it is important to know who they are and from what background they emerge in order to judge the value of their contribution and to understand the quality of their thoughts and ideas. A scrutiny of their educational background would reveal that these hate-writers do not have any expertise in Islam. What binds them together is a common hatred for Islam and Muslims.

Serge Trifkovic is of Serbian extract. He is a graduate of the University of Southampton, UK, and is identified as one who pursued a post-doctoral research at the Hoover Institution, CA, and then worked as a TV broadcaster and later as a journalist covering southeast Europe for the U.S. News & World Report and Washington Post. He is a frequent contributor and, since 1998, foreign affairs editor to the Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture, where his Serbian ultra-nationalistic stand is easily discernible. It is not clear if he had visited any Muslim country, outside his native Serbia in former Yugoslavia, a state that was guilty of ethnic cleansing of Bosnian and Kosovar Muslims. His field of study had nothing to do with either the people or the religion that he writes about in his hate-book “The Sword of the Prophet.” Yet his ignorance did not dissuade him from venting his venom against Muslims in this spiteful and inaccurate work.

What qualifies Trifkovic as an “expert” on Islam today? In the Foreword to his book, he himself confesses of his hatred or as he mildly puts it “lack of apriori admiration” for Islam. As one may also recall, during the genocide of Muslims in the Balkans, he tried to defend the case for his murderous Serbian leader – now being tried for crimes against humanity in The Hague. While the whole world saw the savagery of the Serbian Christians against unarmed Muslims in Bosnia, he blamed the victim Muslims by stating that the latter had brought it down upon themselves through “self-inflicted atrocities and stage-managed ‘massacres.’” [1] What a criminal and sick mind to invent something like this! In a keynote speech at the Ball Union League Club, Chicago, in June 7, ’96, he dared to equate the genocide as honor-killing by stating that “Bosnia is honor, and Yugoslavia a tragedy, but there was no ‘holocaust’.” To him, the total tally of Muslim victims in Bosnia was not 250,000 (as stated by President Clinton, addressing the nation on Nov. 27, ’95), but could have been as small as only 2,500, i.e., a mere 1% of the reported casualty. [2] He actively condemned the jurisdiction of the Hague Tribunal (ICTFY) that was established by the Security Council of the UN in 1993 on the basis of Chapter VII of the UN Charter (Resolution 827) for investigating crimes against humanity in former Yugoslavia. He also opposed the deployment of NATO and UN forces in the Balkans to stop the ethnic cleansing of Muslims. When his propaganda failed to dissuade the Clinton Administration, he disappeared from spotlight for sometime until the tragedy of 9/11 occurred. When he surfaced this time he came up with his Mein Kamf. That basically sums up a very disturbed and sadistic individual with a desire to settle old scores.

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Sam Dickson


Dickson declared that “no black man was capable” of masterminding such a profitable investment, Ogletree said.

The statement was a revealing burst of honesty in Sam Dickson’s short but lucrative career in real estate. The year before, Dickson had declared at a conference sponsored by former Klan leader David Duke that “Negroes … are hopeless.”

But not without their uses, especially when they own property. It was at that same conference that Dickson declared, apropos of not much at all, “I like money. There’s no virtue in poverty. I want money.”

So he does. Since 2001, Dickson, a 59-year-old former Klan attorney and active veteran of numerous extreme-right causes and groups, has built a multi-million dollar business in the niche field of tax lien and title acquisition. His success has depended in no small part on keeping his otherwise well-known racism concealed from his targets, many of whom are poor and black. According to those who have observed and worked with Dickson, his profits have been earned through a combination of bullying, stealth, and legal pretzel-making in the arcane world of tax lien purchases, redemptions and foreclosures.

Read More

Jared Taylor


He is the founder of the New Century Foundation and edited its now discontinued American Renaissance magazine, which, despite its pseudo-academic polish, regularly publishes proponents of eugenics and blatant anti-black and anti-Latino racists

In the late 1990s, Taylor came out with The Color of Crime, a booklet that tried to use crime statistics to “prove” that blacks are far more criminally prone than whites — and that argued, based on a misunderstanding of what constitutes a hate crime, that black “hate crimes” against whites exponentially outnumbered the reverse. That racist booklet is now a staple in white supremacist circles. Taylor’s New Century Foundation also plays host to American Renaissance conferences, suit-and-tie affairs that have attracted a broad spectrum of the participants from the racist right, including neo-Nazis, white supremacists, Holocaust deniers and eugenicists. The conferences nearly always have an international presence. Speakers have included such prominent figures in the European radical right as Nick Griffin, leader of the racist British National Party, and Bruno Gollnisch, at one time the second-in-command of the immigrant-bashing French National Front.

More recently, Taylor has sounded off against all black culture, writing in a 2005 article in American Renaissance, “Africa in our Midst: Lessons from Katrina” that “the barbaric behavior” of the city’s black population after the hurricane revealed a key truth: “Blacks and whites are different. When blacks are left entirely to their own devices, Western civilization —any kind of civilization — disappears.”

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This will be the 16th American Renaissance Conference by Jared Taylor. Since 2012 it’s been held in Montgomery Bell State Park in Tennessee. 6 years is long enough and we won’t stand for it any longer. The state is complicit in supporting these groups of upper class, white supremacist “race realists” to get together and discuss racist ideas and ideology that lead to and influence policy making in this state and country.



We will confront and resist racist white supremacist groups that enter and gather in our state.

We will hold the state accountable for their ongoing support of white supremacists and for being complicit in the spread of hate in Tennessee.

We will confront racists when they converge and gather in our state and anywhere else they go.

For more information contact our page or send an email to aranashville@protonmail.com




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