Nazi Group TWP Returning to Knoxville To Speak On UT Campus

Author: J. Delphiki “We have the potential to reach truly millions of people with our message of European culture of faith, family, and folk—and solidarity—that the Republicans could never reach. We have the potential to be able to work with so […]

Disruption in the movement

The links below are statements from networks following the release of a communique put out by the ARA Network in regards to individuals affiliated directly and indirectly with Great Lakes Antifa. These are the accounts of trusted individuals, affinity groups and […]

Communiqe on disruptive and harmful activity of members of Great Lakes Antifa

Official statement from the ARA Network Communiqe on the disruptive and harmful behavior of members of Great Lakes Antifa Adopted and Published by the ARA Network 10 – 4 – 2017 The Anti-Racist Action Network has resolved to make public and […]

Statement from Nashville ARA on Elijah Hartman

We have received messages from several concerned friends and other folx regarding Elijah Hartman and his association with ARA. Elijah was arrested on January 29th, 2018 with a charge of rape. Elijah has been an acquaintance of members of the Nashville […]