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Call To Action : To RESIST And SHUTDOWN AmRen In Tennessee

THIS IS A CALL TO ACTION TO ALL ANTI-FASCISTS WHO ARE WILLING AND ABLE For Information on speakers this year, their backgrounds and the history of the American Renaissance Conference follow this link to ***WE NEED ACTION*** -WE WILL CONFRONT […]

AmRen 2018 : Know Your Nazis

This list contains links and information about some of the white supremacists who will be speaking at the American Renaissance Conference on April 28th, 2018. #DefendMiddleTN #NoNazisInTN #NoPlatformForFascists AmRen 2017 : Idavox AmRen 2016: It’s Going Down Marcus Follin The humbly […]

Anti-Racism Now : Fuck The Police

The average Black male Live a third of his life in a jail cell Cause the world is controlled by the white male And the people don’t never get justice And the women don’t never get respected And the problems don’t […]

Statement of Separation from Great Lakes Antifa

STATEMENT OF SEPARATION FROM GREAT LAKES ANTIFA Due to consistent dangerous behavior incompatible with the antifascist movement, this is a declaration of separation from the group known as Great Lakes Antifa (also known as Nashville AntiFa). These demonstrated behaviors include the […]

Red pill, meet Black Pill. Nazis in East Tennessee

I call myself alt-right but I’m definitely a white nationalist. I’m pro white before I’m anything else. My people most definitely come before my political leanings, 100 percent. I wasn’t always that way, I used to be a nice little blue […]

Nazis in Detroit: Shut Them Down March 5th

Anti-fascism is self defense *** White supremacy, white separatism, segregation, genocide and oppression is their ideology. The ripple of ultra right wing, white nationalist politics has turned into a wave of organized extremism that is beginning to have a direct impact […]

A Request For Mutual Aid In Solidarity with the Čančuba Collective: No BBP!

This is a signal boost for the Čančuba collective in their efforts to provide mutual aid to peoples defending their land and communities from the construction of the Bayou Bridge Pipeline. These are their words and their stories. Please share, contribute […]

Nazis in the Echo Chamber of Amerikkkan Free Speech: Reportback from the TWP at UT Knoxville, February 17th, 2018

By Anti-Racist Action , Nashville TN We came, we saw, fascists took over Knoxville. Not literally of course, and their victory was not won in our preferred arena. We’ll take our wins there. Now is the time for increased action. The […]

Nazi Group TWP Returning to Knoxville To Speak On UT Campus

Author: J. Delphiki “We have the potential to reach truly millions of people with our message of European culture of faith, family, and folk—and solidarity—that the Republicans could never reach. We have the potential to be able to work with so […]

Disruption in the movement

The links below are statements from networks following the release of a communique put out by the ARA Network in regards to individuals affiliated directly and indirectly with Great Lakes Antifa. These are the accounts of trusted individuals, affinity groups and […]